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Bath and Body Baskets


heavenly-pamperingClick on Photo To Enlarge

Heavenly Pampering This basket contains everything needed reminiscent of a day at the spa. Body Lotions, Body Wash, Bath Salts, Scented Candle, Loofah, and a Mesh Sponge will invigorate your bath experience.  Belgian chocolate, pirouline cookies, and gourmet candy will satisfy your appetite.  A special treat for that special lady or dear friend.

Bath and Body Works Basket

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SKY A heavenly blend of fresh violet blooms, sparkling bergamot and pink pepper floating ona cloud of whipped lily petals and sandalwood.  Gift contains  10 ounce shower gel, 8 ounce body mist, 8 ounce shea and vitamin E body lotion, a 3 x 6 ember candle and encased in a reusable cosmetic bag. 


Tahiti Island Bath and Body basketClick on Photo To Enlarge

Tahiti Island Dream A sexy summer blend of coconut water, Tahitian vanilla musk & kiwi blossom.  Lavishly splash or lightly spritz with the 8 ounce fragrance mist  and let the conditioning aloe mist nourish your skin for the lightest, most refreshing experience.  The 8 ounce body lotion is infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E leaving your skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished. Fortified with nutrient-rich ingredients like protective.  This package comes complete with a long lasting cosmetic bag 


brompton and langley pink grapefruit or mango bath and body setClick on Photo To Enlarge

Brompton and Langley Body Set Inspired by England's love for bath and body , Brompton & Langley is crafted with the classically sophisticated woman in mind.  The luxurious 10 ounce body mist lotion enriched with shea butter, aloe extract and vitamin E, keeps skin beautifully soft and silky smooth.  Awaken your senses and quench your body with the 10 ounce body mist .  Invigorate your body with the 21.5 ounce sugar and salt body scrub, while relaxing with the included candle.  Includes  a durable makeup bag.  Delight your senses!

(cosmetic bag color may vary)

pomegranate bath and body set

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Pomegranate Pleasure Get pampered using this Lila Grace bath and body gift set.  The fine composition of the body lotion Pomegranate & Cassis seduces your senses with a unique fruity aroma and is a source of inspiration. Embark on a journey into a heavenly world of pleasure and sensuality, and find your inner power and strength. The effects of essential oils revitalizes the body and mind.  Included in this 6 piece set are an 8.1 ounce shower gel, 9.1 ounce body mist, 8.1 ounce soothing body lotion, 5.6 ounce, 6 ounce body scrub, and floral zippered cosmetic bag.


tuscan olive gift basket

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Tuscan Olive Oil Collection  The Ivy and Castle collection of bath and body products will create a spa experience for you in the comfort of your own home.  These delicately scented cleansing and moisturizing products will leave your skin feeling clean, soft and invigorated.  The set comes complete with and 8 ounce shower gel, 8 ounce bubble bath, 7 ounce body mist, 1.6 ounce hydrating butter, and 2.6 ounce bath soak.   Olive oil’s high potency of antioxidants Vitamin A and E has an amazing ability to protect our skin from sun, pollution, smoke, and other irritants that make us age. It’s pretty magical stuff!

 French Lavender Bath and Body Set from Ivy and Castle

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French Lavender Relaxation A romantic bouquet of French lavender from Ivy and Castle .  The perfect, nourishing, refreshing scent your skin will love. The over-sized make-up bag holds a 9.2 ounce body lotion, 9.2 ounce shower gel, 9.2 ounce bubble bath and a bath fizz.  A gentle, mild, relaxing fragrance.

garden of flowers gift set

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Jardin de Fleurs  Relax and unwind with Jardin de Fleurs luxurious bath and body collection.  Inspired by the gardens of France, this elegant container is filled with everything you need to soothe your mind and body  Infused with vanilla and shea extracts your skin will feel clean, moisturized and incredibly pampered.  The decorative container consists of a 6.7 ounce shower gel, 4.2 ounce body lotion, 9.9 ounce hand soap, 9.9 ounce hand lotion, 2.9 ounce body mist, 1.6 ounce hydration butter, 1.6 ounce body scrub, 4.2 ounce luxury soap and an exfoliation bath mitt.  

bath and body works oahu coconut 

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Jardin de Fleurs Oahu Coconut  This reusable ceramic container by Le Jardin des Fleurs contains travel size Bath and Body Works Oahu Coconut lotion and shower gel.  Prefer a bath, we've included a bath fizz.  No bath would be the same without a relaxing candle.    

vanilla bath and body set

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Vanilla Bath and Body Gift Set Your skin will thank you! Use your bath poof with the body scrub to moisturize your skin after just one shower. The bath salts will leave you feeling refreshed. The moisturizing lotion is a gentle, non-drying cream that leaves skin soft & beautifully scented.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath and Body Works

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Japanese Cherry Blossom (Choose Your Container)  Bath and Body Works travel size body lotion and shower gel.  An oh so fresh blend of cherry blossoms, crisp pears, mimosa petals & sweet sandalwood.

Japanese Cherry Blossom with Jewelry Box and Ring Holder from Bath and Body Works

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Japanese Cherry Blossom and Jewelry extras Bath and Body Works travel size body lotion and shower gel.  An oh so fresh blend of cherry blossoms, crisp pears, mimosa petals & sweet sandalwood.  Also included are two jewelry accessories, a shoe ring holder and a decorative jewelry box. 


bodycology body lotion and body mist

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BodyCology Gift Set What is better than a nice fragrance and cozy socks. This set includes 2 ounce fragrance mist,  1 ounce moisturizing body cream and 1 pair of warm and cozy socks in Cherish the Moment fragrance.

Japanese CHerry Blossom Gift Set Click On Photo To Enlarge HO HO HO! Bath and Body Works signature Japanese Cherry Blossom holiday gift set.  Gift includes travel size body lotion, body mist and shower gel.  Comes packed in HO HO HO holiday box. 

jewelry holder with bath and body productsClick On Photo To Enlarge Peppermint Twist Bath and Body Gift Set This jewelry stand contains a 4 ounce peppermint twist shower gel or bubble bath and body lotion.  Nothing relaxes like peppermint.  Enjoy the pampering products and use the jewelry stand to hold your necklaces, bracelets and rings. 


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